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"This is by far the most genuine and sincere collection of spiritual readings that I have ever read. I have had several readings throughout the years with Edward and he has always been spot on. Edward Nunzio has a tremendous gift of relaying messages from the other side and he does so with such grace and humor, I literally cried and laughed at the same time during some sections of the book. This book gave me tremendous comfort that the souls of our loved ones are always with us and will help us transition to the light when it is our time to leave this Earth. This is a book you will want to hold on to and refer back to from time to time. It is like a warm blanket on a stormy night."

Ruth Messina

"Love this book. The author, Edward Nunzio is very talented medium and with his help, the reader will be able to peek beyond the veil of the universe. Definitely worth reading."

Petra Sacco

"It is obvious from the start that Edward has the gifted ability to communicate with those who have passed over and are no longer with us. The production is well done and professional. I was drawn into the emotion and touched by the messages from the loved ones who have passed. I could not stop watching, and quickly watched all three episodes, now waiting for more. The Messenger is the real deal!"